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Benify and L'Oréal Germany win together at the HR Excellence Awards in Berlin

benify-loreal-awardBenify and L'Oréal Germany win together at the HR Excellence Awards

Stockholm March 27, 2017- Benify announces today that together with L'Oréal Germany, it has been awarded one of the main prizes at the prestigious HR Excellence Awards held in Berlin, Germany. Both companies’ efforts in successfully implementing the My HR Reward Portal surpassed those of competitors from several top European companies. Their collaboration resulted in their taking home the prize in the "Compensation & Benefits" category.

The World’s Most Respected Employer Brands Convene To Talk Innovation

The European HR Excellence Awards brought together a selection of the world’s most respected employer brands to reward innovation in seventeen categories which included: Compensation and Benefits/Incentives; Candidate Experience; Career and Recruiting Event; Knowledge Management; Employer Branding Strategy; and HR Analytics.

The goal was to highlight and reward innovative and successful solutions within HR. The jury, which consisted of representatives from world-leading companies such as Vattenfall Group, Google Germany, Carlsberg, and IBM Belgium/Luxembourg was particularly impressed by how the My HR Portal Reward designed and offered by Benify has increased engagement among L'Oréal Germany employees.

See the full winnerlist of European Excellence Awards in HR here.

My HR Reward Portal Boosts Employer Branding and Employee Engagement

The My HR Reward Portal is being used by 2,200 employees at L'Oréal Germany. It is a solution that has resulted in boosting employer branding for the employer and engaging its employees in benefits decision-making and participation. Thanks to the well-planned benefits and compensation package and how total reward is then visualized in the portal, employees feel appreciated by L'Oréal Germany. This results in their increased motivation and engagement.

Martina Heim, Compensation & Benefit Manager, L‘Oréal Germany is extremely pleased to have the company's efforts recognized and rewarded saying, “The competition was quite strong. It was like the Abitur (A-levels)- like an exam situation. However, we were convinced of the quality of our project and the jury noticed this. It truly is a fantastic feeling to have won.

Earnings in the category "Compensation and Benefits" at the HR Excellence Awards demonstrates once again that Benify is one of the leading companies in benefits and compensation.

This is an unquestionable quality mark that we should be immensely proud of,” says Angelika Brunner, Country Manager at Benify, Germany. “Our successful recognition is due to our collaborative approach to design a solution that best fits our client’s needs.

Om Benify

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