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Benify announces partnership with NGA HR


Benify announces its worldwide partnership with NGA HR to provide clients with a full suite of services and experiences around payroll and benefits.

With almost 50 years of experience, NGA HR is recognised as a market leader in HR & Payroll. NGA HR offers an end-to-end solution for multinational organisations across the world including helping organisations with the challenges and administrative burden of GDPR and data management.

Benify is a recognised market leader but in the field of benefits and employee communication and engagement – creating mobile digital experiences for the world’s best employers. With over a thousand clients and millions of users worldwide, Benify’s engagement portal and app have reinvented how modern employers engage with their employees.

Together, the partnership provides organisations with a comprehensive and powerful all-in-one HR solution.

“We’ve chosen NGA HR as our integration partner for Benify because they really understand companies' need for total visibility around employee enablement processes beyond HR and payroll. Salary is, of course, important, but it’s not the only currency. Together, we’re making it easier for HR and talent teams to communicate the financial value of benefits and rewards”, explained Chris Wakely at Benify.

This is a significant partnership for us and adds a lot of value to our business and global expansion. Our partnership with NGA is a big step forward in Benify’s goal to become the leader in the global benefits market as it enables us to get in contact with NGA´s network of clients and expertise. I’m confident that our unique solution combined with NGA’s solid knowledge will lead to fantastic synergy and cooperation.
Johan Lind, Executive Vice President Global Partnerships, Benify

“The Benify partnership will add a highly sophisticated and flexible benefits platform to the integrated digital HR and payroll services NGA HR provide for clients. As much as flexible benefits are great incentives, employees often fail to realise the true value of their total reward. As a result, employers can lose great staff because they’re attracted by offers of higher base salaries. Benify removes any doubts. It makes it very easy for employees to understand exactly the value of their rewards and for employers to run analytics on this single-source data when reviewing rewards and incentives. It is exactly what many of our clients are looking for and we’re happy to be able to add this clever platform to our portfolio of integrated HR and payroll service.” 
Simon Porter, VP Digital HR, NGA Human Resources

"We are incredibly excited about this partnership. The partnership really is the coming together of two world-class organisations. Creating fantastic digital experiences for clients’ employees across payroll and benefits is a really unique strength we will have together as the two go hand in hand. This partnership enables us to offer the full suite of services around payroll, benefits, rewards and engagement to organisations”.
Chris Wakely, Executive Vice President – Enterprise, Benify

Om Benify

Benify is the Swedish HR Tech company providing employers with a cloud-based engagement platform to tailor their total rewards offer and user experience for each individual employee. With targeted communication and round-the-clock access to attractive benefits, employers can improve the quality of life for their employees.